Noah Review


Noah is about Noah’s ark from the Bible.  Noah is a descendant from Seth, one of Adam’s and Eden’s children. Cain and Abel were the other two children of Adam and Eve. Cain killed Abel causing his descendants to become murderers and vicious. The Watchers are fallen angels who protected Adam and Eve. Cain’s descendants hunt the Watchers down and built an industrial civilization that has destroyed the Earth. Noah has a vision about the Creator destroying the Earth by flooding it. He seeks his Grandfather, Anthony Hopkins. Noah, Russel Crowe, and his wife, Jennifer Connelly, find an injured girl, Emma Watson, who can’t bare children from her wound. They find themselves in the hands of the Watchers, and one of the Watchers helps Noah and his family find the mountain where his grandfather lives.  His grandfather gives Noah a potion to see God’s vision of building an ark. His grandfather also has a seed from the Garden of Eden. Noah plants the seed and it spawning a forest. The Watchers are convinced that Noah was sent by God and decide to help him. 8 years passes and Noah’s family are young adults or teenagers. Noah sees Tubal-Cain, Ray Winstone, and his army coming to take the ark. Noah tells him to leave because he’s the reason for humanity’s upcoming destruction.  Noah and his family have disagreements about having descendants and it causes his second oldest, Hamm, to leave to find a wife. Noah’s wife begs her father in law to use his power that her daughter could be fertile. He grants her wish. Noah’s second oldest finds a woman who he falls in love with. She dies when the flood comes and Noah doesn’t save her. He doesn’t forgive his father. The flood comes wipes out all of humanity besides Noah’s family. Waston’s character gives birth to twin girls. Noah believes he’s supposed to kill the twins. He’s feels the love from the children and refuses to kill his granddaughters. He feels that he has failed the creator goes into self exile.  He comes back to be a grandfather, father, and husband again.

Noah has very few negatives. The movie is bit long. They could have taken out about ten minutes worth of screen time. The dialogue is sometimes doesn’t cover everything.  The score is weak for a epic.  I liked the score at the end but with epics scores can drive the intensity of scenes. The film score failed to do that in my eyes.

The film has quite a few positives. Crowe, Watson, Winstone, Hopkins, Connelly, and Logan Lerman (Hamm) give dynamite acting performances. Crowe’s Noah is more a driven character. He’s vengeful and spiteful. The man is willing to kill his grand kids to fulfill the wish to wipe out humanity.  Watson and Lerman both a great job of representative Noah’s philosophical differences within himself. Watson wants to survive and is willing to leave the ark to protect her children. Lerman wants to save a few others from Cain’s tribe because he sees good in them.  Connelly plays a devoted mother and shows that her instinct to protect her children will conflict with Noah’s wishes. Hopkins is a sweet old wise man like always. Winstone is really an asshole. He continues to play the perfect villains in movies. The visuals and story telling of the movie are flawless. I teared up the animals began to roll into the ark.  Aronofsky also logically explain how the animals were able to live on the ark for 40 days. He built a world and created rules for the world in a two hour epic. His use of visuals give an epic feel to Noah. He would set his camera on a scene and speed it up to give the impression days or years went by. The premonitions in the film were amazing.   However, the main positive of the film was its theme.

The Bible is a book full of themes. I don’t necessary believe it’s 100% true but only 5% to 10%. Historians have found evidence that were was a great flood at one time. In the film, all the continents are still connected which scientists know that wasn’t true. Man’s view of the world was very limited back then. We judged on what we could see with our eyes and what we were told with our ears. Noah is a contemporary take on current society. The major two themes of Noah are free will and the destructive tendencies of human beings.  Noah has free will throughout the movie. Free will is the freedom of choice to make decisions for ourselves in Christianity. Noah was asked to kill his grand kids and he said no. They hit land soon after that like God was rewarding Noah for his choice.  Hamm decided to go find a woman that he could have kids with after the flood was over. He found a good one but Noah made a choice to leave her to the flood. He kills her and his son wants revenge. Humanity has the choice to become something more than people living their lives.  The filmmakers were trying to get the message through that human have choices and our choices currently are destroying the planet.  This leads me to my second point; this film portrays man’s greed, self involvement, and destructiveness accurately. Humans have become greedy and materialistic. I want an X-box one but I’m going to wait until I know i have the means to get one. I’m trying not to preach but this world is so beautiful. Things are changing, species dying, and more catastrophes are happening killing millions. I’m afraid if people keep living the way they do then humanity can never accomplish what we could. In Noah, it was the flood killing millions that spark for humanity to change, and we need that spark currently to change the way we are.

Noah overall is a brilliant film. It feels epic for an two hour movie. I would give Noah a 4.5 because the film struck a chord with me.


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