Arrow (Birds of Prey Review) Spoilers

Black Canary and the huntress

Black Canary and the huntress

The Huntress comes back to kill her father. She takes hostages in the courthouse. Sarah Lance, Black Canary, breaks in to save her sister, Laurel Lance. Laurel gets rehired to prosecute the Huntress’ father. Laurel joins the hostages and becomes the number 1 hostage for a trade. Her father, Detective Lance, agrees to the a trade for the Huntress father . Huntress and Laural sneak out and swat comes to get the hostages. Their leader leaves the scene to go get the Huntress.  Arrow, Black Canary, Huntress, Detective Lance, and Laural are about to make a trade but the swat leader shows up to spoil the party with bullets. Arrow takes him out and Black Canary and Huntress fight. Canary wins the fight sparing Huntress’ life. Huntress sees her father dead and is sad that she didn’t kill him to avenge her late fiance’s murder.  Arrow and Canary and Laural accepts the vigilantes. Shes also black mails the District Attorney to get job back. Another plot line was Roy and Thea breaking up. Oliver tells Roy to end it with Thea. He does and Thea is taking a walk home and meets Slade Wilson.  She gets in the car with Slade.

My negative about this episode was the Roy and Thea usual CW teenage romance.  Oliver tells Roy to break up Thea and he does by kissing some girl. She storms off and gets herself into trouble. It’s the standard break up plot line. My other tiny problem was Detective Lance hearing Oliver’s cellphone ringing when he was calling the Arrow. Oliver states that his mom is calling. Come on dude, you never can tell that he’s the Arrow.

My positives about the episode are plenty. They fights between Canary and Huntress is pretty cool. Huntress feeling sorry that she didn’t kill her dad was good. Laural blackmailing her former boss was amazing. The story focused on redemption for Sarah and Laural and them over coming their demons.  The episode focused on Sarah and Oliver as  a team. I also could see Huntress becoming a member of the Suicide Squad.

Overall this episode was intense, cleverly written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would rate this episode a 4.3 out of 5. The CW teenage romances need to stop. This is a superhero show.


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