Arrow Review (Suicide Squad) Spoilers

Suicide Squad (left to right) Bronze Tiger, Sharpel, Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Lyla Michaels, and John Dingle.

Suicide Squad (left to right)
Bronze Tiger, Sharpel, Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Lyla Michaels, and John Dingle.

Years prior in Afghanistan, Diggle and Lyla are leading a group of Afghan villagers when one identifies a wanted man, Gholem Qadir, among the group. During an ambush, Diggle saves Qadir’s life. In the present, Diggle and Lyla are called upon by Amanda Waller to lead her “Task Force X”, also known as the “Suicide Squad“, which consists of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel. Waller has several other cells that have occupants in it.  The Squad is sent after Qadir, who was released from prison and has developed a deadly nerve agent. Waller wants to use Diggle’s past relationship with Qadir to get close to him and steal the weapon. After saving Qadir’s life again, through a faked assassination attempt, Diggle is invited to Qadir’s home for a party. Once there, Deadshot locates the nerve agent and is expected to be used as a targeting reference for a drone strike on the house. Diggle decides to save Deadshot; as a result, the drone misses the house coming after Suicide Squad. Waller sends a seal team to destroy the nerve agent. Meanwhile, Oliver continues to try and deal with the threat of Slade Wilson. Oliver is forced to go to Amanda Waller for help, revealing he has interacted with her before. At first not believing that Slade is alive, Waller tells him that A.R.G.U.S. has been tracking a new mercenary is named “Deathstroke.”

The episode only has a few positives.  The first positive is the interact between John Dingle and Deadshot. The pair have a heated history on the show, however, the verbal sparring between Dingle and Deadshot was awesome. Dingle reveals that he knows about Deadshot’s daughter. The conversations between Deadshot and Dingle focus on Deadshot’s attempt of redemption.  Another positive was Amanda Waller played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson. She is a menacing bitch in the comics, and Cynthia portrayed that accurately. The show writers did a good job with revealing little about Waller besides that she has a plan for the suicide squad. Waller also detonates a device in Sharpel’s head causing his death.  The last positive was Harley Quinn brief cameo. It was a good nod to the current Suicide Squad in the comics. Harley is the Joker’s girlfriend but i don’t think the Joker will appear on Arrow.  I found a lot of negatives in this episode.

My problem with this episode can be listed into 4 negatives.  These negatives took away my enjoyment of this episode. They are Oliver’s storyline in this episode, lack of focus on the Suicide Squad, lack of action and intensity, and the story outline.  Oliver Queen is the main character of the show. However, every once in awhile main characters of television shows need a break. Oliver has fears and problems of Slade Wilson are apparent. We know that Deathstroke is a force to be reckon with. However, his plot took screen time away from the main focus which is the Suicide Squad. He was useless in this episode.  My second big issue was the lack of focus on the Suicide Squad. Sharpel doesn’t do anything but get killed. Bronze Tiger has no main role.  Deadshot is the only villain to have a big role in this episode. Diggle’s and Lyla’s relationship took away from the intensity of the episode. My third problem was the lack of action, intensity’s, and this includes my final problem with this episode’s story outline. Previous episodes have been very intense but this episode i couldn’t wait for it to end.  I felt like i lost an hour of my life watching this episode.  Oliver’s story took away from the episode and all of the subplots. Suicide Squad are master assassins at least have them fight someone or have Sharpel blow up something or someone instead of dying. There was a lack of creative screen writing for this episode. Seriously Bronze Tiger can go to toe with Green Arrow. At least do more with his character then stabbing someone in the back and have him driving a getaway car. The story was too focused on Oliver, Dingle and Lyla, and every other character besides the three assassins and one of them dies. It was overall a bad story.

My final verdict on this episode is this episode was a waste of television time and an hour of my life. Arrow fans know Slade Wilson is a bad ass. He’s one of the best reasons to watch the show.  I love this show but, damn, it was an horrible introduction to the Suicide Squad. I’ll give this episode 1.5 out of 5. It was one of the worst episodes of the show and it was the worst episode of the season.


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