Arrow The Promise Review (Spoilers).

Slade Wilson play by Manu Bennett

Slade Wilson play by Manu Bennett

Arrow Episode 15; season 2 review (spoilers)

He’s back!!!! Slade Wilson is an animal but damn the writer’s did hell of a job of bringing this character to life for television.  Deathstroke, Slade Wilson,  is an assassin. He’s probably one of the most noble characters in all of DC Comics; however, he’s difficult to defeat.

Slade Wilson throughout Arrow has been Oliver’s friend on the island. He’s also been behind the Brother Blood experiments.  Oliver Queen comes home after an 911 emergency call from his sister and discovers Slade Wilson sitting on the couch talking to Mrs. Queen, his mother. Oliver goes from panic mode to how can I  kill this guy mode? We, the audience, know Oliver put an arrow through Slade’s eye. We know also that Slade wants to hurt Oliver allowing Shado to die and Sarah Lance to live.  This episode covers the island history of Slade’s hatred. I wanna get the island flashbacks out of the way in a few sentences. Sarah knows how Professor Ivo will interrogate Oliver so she mixes a drug for his immune system to counteract the effects if a truth serum. She and Slade will parachute onto the boat and start a riot by releasing prisoners. Oliver gets captured and helped the prisoners escape that Ivo has been experimenting on to create a super solider serum. Oliver finally confronts Ivo but Ivo confesses that Oliver was the cause of Shado’s death by Oliver stepping in front of the gun to protect Sarah. Slade hears this and fights and captures Oliver. He becomes the ship’s captain when he promises Oliver that he will suffer for his betrayal.

Back to the present, Oliver tries to murder Slade in the back by back stabbing him which fails. Oliver’s mother makes Thea, Oliver’s sister, to give Slade an art tour of the house. Slade bugs everything by hiding micro-cameras. Oliver calls his gang, on and they come to rescue Oliver’s family from Slade but fail. Dingle has a sniper rifle pointed at Slade’s head outside Oliver’s house but gets knocked unconscious. Oliver and his mom fight about his resentment towards Slade.  Slade is watching this fight his monitor that he using to spy on the Queen household.  There might be one negative of the episode that pacing might be a tad slow and there’s not a lot conflict between Slade and Ollie in the present. Its a more of a cat and mouse game but that’s one of the positives.  This episode is loaded with positives.

Slade’s, Oliver’s, and a little bit of Sarah’s back stories are revealed during island flashbacks.  First, Sarah had a brief moment on the island where she told Oliver if she dies then she died on the boat . Oliver does that in the first season. The audience sees Oliver and Slade wear their iconic costumes in their characters’ history . Oliver takes up Shado’s hood and her bow and arrow while Slade puts on the Deathstroke mask. Shado has a cameo in the episode. Oliver is dreaming before the attack on the boat. Shado is talking to him and starts to stab him repeatedly saying “you killed me, you killed me, you killed me.”  This sequence reminded me of a Scarecrow attack in a Batman comic.  Ivo is huge positive. The creators of Arrow have created a huge universe of characters with multiple story lines. Ivo is one of these storylines. His deception and ruthlessness allowed him to become a great villain; however, a greater villain over takes his place. My favorite Ivo scene is when he is about to take out the Russian prisoner’s  eye  to run some tests on it.

I liked seeing Roy being trained and the Arrow team coming to help Oliver. They didn’t help because Slade shook Roy’s hand and they had a pissing contest for a second. Sarah was going to stab Slade in the back but couldn’t get near him. Oliver calls her off. Dingle gets captured by Argus which I think Slade is running the organization secretly . I will discuss that point after the next episode.  My favorite scenes in this episode was the tension, banter, and consequences of Oliver’s choice, to save Sarah instead of Shado, with Slade Wilson.  First of all, I loved the banter between Slade and Oliver. Slade rubbed salt in Oliver’s conscious wound about his choice to protect Sarah over Shado. The choice dynamically ends their friendship and relationship throughout the season. Oliver lies to Slade and said Ivo cold bloody killed Shado.  He’s right but he never told Slade the truth.  Every present day scene with Slade and Oliver showed their tension.  The tension came to a climax when Slade told Ivo to shoot Ollie like he did to Shado. Slade cuts off Ivo’s hand for retribution. Several consequences that Oliver will have to deal with throughout the remainder of the season. First, Oliver will have to try to protect his family. Second, Oliver will have to defeat Slade again; however, he will facing Deathstroke instead super human Slade Wilson. Deathstroke has some killer weapons.  Finally, Oliver will have to prove the city that he’s there to help; however, Slade will add obstacles. I can’t wait to see how this season ends.

Overall, Deathstroke is here to stay and play.  I believe the Oliver will become a known hero as a  vigilante type like Batman after the season.  I want to wait  until next season when  Roy gets a nickname from the Arrow team.  Deathstroke was bad ass in this episode because he just killed people. He loved doing it too.  This episode is the climax of this season. Every episode  after this is building to the resolution of the finale. I give this Arrow episode a 5/5 because of Slade Wilson returned to glory in his big reveal.



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