Three reasons why you need to go see Godzilla this summer!!

picture from the toy expo of this year.

Godzilla is arguably the pop culture icon who started world pop culture. Every culture in the world knows about Godzilla. In 1945, the first two nuclear bombs were unleashed on Japan. In 1954, Toho green light a monster movie that displayed the fears of nuclear power and domination. Godzilla was born.

I have been a life long Godzilla fan since I was two. My first word that I read was Godzilla. This monster does not only hold a special place in my heart but he continues to bring me enjoyment with hours of B level science fiction movies. On February 25th, 2014 Warner Bros and Legendary Studios release a new trailer for the movie which comes out May 16th, 2014.  I want to give you three simple reasons to go see the movie.

First, this movie is a Godzilla movie which means great special effects. Godzilla is a mutated dinosaur by atomic radiation that is over 350 feet tall and breathes fire.  The atomic blast from his mouth is blue.  Godzilla is allegory from man vs. nature. Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, and etc can utterly wipe out cities from the face of the earth. Godzilla’s concept combines every natural disaster and turns him into Mother Nature’s arm of destruction.  Look at the photo below.


Godzilla will battle other monsters but most importantly this Godzilla focuses the human element with the theme of Man vs. Nature.

Secondly, this Godzilla film is driven by a human story. The main character is Godzilla but the supporting character are people. The main character is Ford Brody played by Aaron Johnson and his dad, Joe, is played by Bryan Cranston (you know him as Walter White from Breaking Bad). They’re the two main focal points of the story.


His son is a soldier that eyewitnesses the destruction that Godzilla clauses but he no longer talks to his father. The story behind that is in 1954 Godzilla was discovered and man kind tried to destroy him by unleashing atom bombs. The plot flashes 45 years later and Joe Brody is working for a nuclear power plant, in Japan, as the leading scientist. However to my understanding his wife is killed by a plant meltdown which causes his son to walk away from him. Cranston in the trailer has a few lines of dialogue which explains the tone of the movie:

“I wanna talk to somebody in charge. You’re not fooling anybody when you say what happen was a natural disaster. You’re lying. It wasn’t an earthquake, a typhoon, because what is really happening you’re hiding something out there. It will send us back to the stone age.”

Cranston saw a blimp on the radar apparently before the nuclear power plant melted down and wants answers.  This Godzilla movie is a human-centric story that expresses the reality and panic if scientist discovered were a real creature. My last point is listen to the people who know movies and don’t prematurely judge the film.

Finally, people on the internet heard Godzilla was being remade and thought oh god this will suck. I say trust the people who know summer blockbusters and know good movies. Listen to their critique of the new Godzilla movie before you judge it.  First,  AMC movie talk, a daily movie news show on AMC theater’s channel, reviewed Godzilla. You can find that link here. IGN is another trusted source for movie news. They have seen 20 minutes of the Godzilla movie and they’re passionately excited about this movie. You can find that link here.  Schmoes Know another movie sitedoes a damn good job of checking sources and breaking movie news. They’re part of Rotten Tomatoes critics and reviewed the Godzilla trailer. They’re also part of the press core like  Collider, another news site, who will see this movie a few weeks early to give a giant buzz.  I said listen to the experts about convincing you to go see the Godzilla movie. The links I gave are people who know the film industry, been around for years, and know which movies have the potential of being big hits and others that suck. However if this is not enough to convince you to see the new Godzilla movie and give it a chance. Gun & Roses guitarist, Slash, sent out a tweet about the new Godzilla movie after seeing the new Godzilla movie. Jeremy Jahns is another energetic movie reviewer who I watch. He made a review of the Godzilla trailer here.  I want everybody to keep an open mind about this movie.

Godzilla is a pop culture icon. He’s been around for 60 years and i think this movie will be a 2 hour science fiction action thriller that dominate the box office. I say give Godzilla a chance and see you’re entertained for 2 hours sitting in a movie theater.


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