Arrow Season 2 Time of Death review

the clock king
the clock king

The premise of this Arrow episode is a former cyber security programer, Robert Tockman aka the Clock King, is breaking into bank vaults by using men.  Tockman steals a device from his former employer and it allows him to break into bank vaults instantaneously.  Oliver and Sarah are partners in this episode. Felicity fells left out and the tension between her and Sarah is jealousy. Oliver throws Sarah a welcome home party and goes to dinner with her at her sister’s house. Laural, Sarah’s sister, acts like a bitch and storms out of dinner after she finds out that Ollie and Sarah are getting it on regular basis. Oliver gives her a tongue lashing which is something I would love to do to some of my family members. Felicity tracks the Clock King down and Oliver and Sarah come to help.  She gets shot saving Sarah. She causes the Clock King’s cellphone to explode which knocks him unconscious. In the end, Sarah and Laural work things out, Oliver tells Felicity that she is super important and no need to feel jealous,  Laural goes to AA meetings, and the best part Oliver comes home to find her mother talking to Slade Wilson. Good times in Queen Mansion. I have no negatives about this episode except one.

My only negative is Roy. Where is he? He has the strength of Thor or Captain America is nowhere to be found. He also spends a lot of time with Sin which means Thea might be biting the bullet soon. Next week’s images show Roy being very pissed off in the Arrow cave. I think he has a point because if Oliver keeps thinking with his dick and ignoring the kid who he said he would help. He will alienate Roy to the point where Slade Wilson could step in and train Roy.  Roy could be a bad guy and piss off this Arrow fan. Or is this part of the plan because Ollie figured out Slade was alive by the serum that Brother Blood was using and Roy will become his little spy? Questions Questions Questions! There are a lot of positives about the episode. I have 3 main ones.

My first positive was the Clock King. The Clock King has traditionally been ridicule as a villain. However, for being the villain of the week episode this version of Clock King was great. The show creators did a hell of a job to make the Clock King a real villain. He had a cyber security background and was menacing. I would like to see him reappear. My favorite part was when he blew up the Arrow Lab.  My next point was Laural. Laural started off as a bitch and then got redemption. Oliver gave her a tongue lashing, and she fell back down to earth.  She and Sarah reunite, and she starts taking responsibility for her past actions. I think her future role will be at Queen Consolidated helping Oliver’s legal department. My favorite positive is Felicity. We, as the show’s fans, all know Felicity wants Oliver. Hell, he’s rich, compassionate, and fights crime. She is torn also between her feeling for Oliver and the guy whose faster than Superman. The show did a really great job showing her jealousy. Oliver reaffirms his affection for her as a friend and she stops pouting.  The last minute of the show was a positive because Oliver coming face to face to Slade shows where the final 8 episodes of the show will go.  My final rating is my last topic.

I would rate this episode a 4.3 out of 5. I think the episode was based to be a fill and a bridge for the final 8 episodes. It was a great stand alone of episode.  The Clock King was a great villain who blows up the Arrow Lab. Felicity is jealous,

and she has a right to be so. Laural became a dramatic improvement over the last 5 episodes. I actually would want to date her again not want someone to kill her. I find the lack of Roy disheartening. Roy is a Jason Todd Robin type and he needs guidance. I think the final 8 episodes of Arrow will rock.


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