Is the Monuments Men worth going to see?

The Monuments Men review

The Monuments Men is based on the historical United States Army sanction special op group that was told to find the stolen art that the Nazis took.  Historically, this story is very historically accurate.  The movie dragged on like quicksand in some parts.  George Clooney is the main character, Lt. Frank Stokes, and recruits Matt Damon’s, Bill Murray’s, John Goodman’s and several other famous actors to go find lost art. Each of character has a specialty in a specific art field. The troop splits up to go from town to town looking for stolen western civilization culture. The Monuments Men ends a positive note and it’s a feel good movie. Let me talk about the positives and negatives about the film.

My first positive is the historical validity of the movie. The Monuments Men were commissioned by Roosevelt to find the art the Nazis stole.  The group returned the art to places that they were stolen from. The movie emphasizes  this and makes the US look like heroes. I actually felt gratified when the characters found the art and felt disgusted when they found the art that had been burned. The movie also emphasizes the point about Hitler that he wanted his own museum in Austria.  Most people never know that Hitler was a former art student who was kicked out because he sucked. Another positive point for me is this movie shows the impact of war. World War II caused destruction to a lot of European towns and city. George Clooney’s character emphasizes that idea in his presentation to President Roosevelt. Another scene that i did enjoy was finding the gold teeth.  People don’t realize that the concentration camps  took out gold teeth from their prisoners and stored it. The troop found a barrel of gold teeth and didn’t speak to each other for about two minutes in the film. The scene made me feel emotionally connected to the actors. My negatives are my next topic.

The film has several big negatives for me. First, I think the pacing of the movie is slow. I believe it’s the way the editor cut the film.  There are some scenes that leave you looking at your watch or cell phone for the time. The movie really doesn’t have a lot war action and slows up the pace of the movie. However, I understand that is a real story and this group of art finder’s don’t looking for fights. They do run into a couple of fights and two of them die in the film. My biggest problem is that the cast is so great but every main character is underutilized.  I love the cast but there’s no character development. I understand this is supposed to be a historical film but characters can make films great. Take Bridge on the River Kwai for example, Alec Guinness  and William Holden make that movie into of the greatest war movies ever. I think there be might one or two fight scenes in the movie but the characters drive the plot. The cast of Monument’s Men don’t drive the plot. They weaken the movie by the lack of screen time each of them have with each other.  My film grade is my final point.

I struggled internally with my grade on this movie. I would say Monument’s Men to me was a good film, but I have seriously problems with it. I will give the film a 2.7 out 5. I love the cast of the film but Clooney as the director doesn’t get the most out of his cast. Murray, Clooney, Damon, and Goodman are all know for being charismatic actors with a good sense of humor. They were anything but that in the movie. The screenplay is weak. Here’s the difference between two historical movies that came out in the last two months. American Hustle’s script was first based on the historical element but David O. Russell rewrote to build the plot around the actors in the movie. George Clooney doesn’t do that and it shows.  I say Monuments Men might be suited for red box and save yourself 7 to 10 bucks and some gas.


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