Can’t Laural die already? Arrow Heir to the Demon (Spoilers review)

Why couldn’t Nyssa Al Ghul put an Arrow through Laural’s head?

She should've kill Laural

She should’ve kill Laural

Arrow season 2 episode 13 was called Heir to the Demon. Yes, Arrow fans that does mean that the League of Assassins has return to play.  Alright for a recap, Laural Lance was drunk and passed out at the end of last week’s episode.  This episode continues that storyline immediately by having Laural in a hospital bed while her mom and dad look after her. She tells her dad, Detective Lance, that she saw Sara, her who thinks she is dead, before she faded away to unconscious.  The first opening sequence of this episode is a beautiful Asian woman who gives her passport to customs and it comes up flagged by A.R.G.U.S. The gorgeous woman is none of other Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa. She is probably the second or third highest leader in the League of the Assassins. She confronts Sara who turns out to be her former lover. They have nice little chat about Sara returning to the League but Sara declines. Last week, Moria Queen, Oliver’s mother decided to run for mayor.  Oliver’s secretary, Felicity, confronts Moria about a suspicious wire transfer to a doctor and discovers that Thea is Malcolm Meryln’s daughter. Moria confirms this suspicion and threatens Felicity that the information will ruin her friendship with Ollie. Ollie does find out this information and makes a pretty awesome choice at the end of the episode. Laural’s mom gets kidnapped from the hospital while tending to Laural. Nyssa calls up Sara and tells her that she has 24 hours to come back to her or her mom will die.  The Arrow Gang finds out that Laural was poisoned by the league and Sara steals the poison. She and her father confront Nyssa which Sara poisoned herself. Green Arrow shows up and fights Nyssa which ends with Sara dying. However, Oliver has some kind of Beozar from Harry Potter or magical resurrection powder to relive Sara. Nyssa releases her from the League and leaves peacefully (she and daddy will come back to play again). Sara’s parents rush to her aide which Laural stands there looking jealous and pissed.  Oliver shows up at his mansion and tells his mom to just go crawl in a hole and die because he’s done with her. Laural blames Sara for everything that went wrong in her life. She starts to drink again and bans Sara from her life. Sara comes to the Arrow tech lab where Oliver hitting his wooden punching bag pretty hard. The two have a moment and start to have a passionate make out session. Let me talk about the positives of the episode.

The episode of Arrow had several positives for me. The Nyssa plot line is my main positive of the storyline. The first moment you see Nyssa Al Ghul the word trouble comes to your head. She beats up a room full of cops in 15 seconds or less.  I also love the fact she’s bisexual. She kisses Sara, and Sara kisses her back. I think she was also checking out Arrow. He did go toe to toe with her in fight and for some reason that turns on the Al Ghul women. She also used snake venom which makes her a complete wrecking ball that you don’t want to get in the way of.  The Moria, Oliver, and Felicity storyline was a positive.  Felicity being curious kitty put herself in a situation that could end badly. Oliver talked to her and quickly found out what about Thea’s real dad. He goes to the microphone and for a second, i really thought he was going to call his mom out and keep supporting Sebastian Blood. He later tells her to get the #$&* out of his life, and he’s pretty much no longer wants to be related to her. Oliver will finally take over Queen Industries by the end of the season and become the face of hope in Starling City.  It’s time for my negatives and there are only two.

My first negative refers to the title about Laural’s character.  At first I was thinking that Laural might chance as a character become likeable again. Nope, that hope was flushed down the drain when she threw her little bitch fit. Seriously, writers kill her off. The whole season’s storyline with Laural has been like watching the OC again which a little princess who complains when she doesn’t get her way. My second point deals with Laural but Sara’s death.  The show has a history of killing any cast member or anybody in it’s brief one and half year run. Sara takes her life honorably to save her family from Nyssa killing all of them. However, Oliver shows up with magic powder and resurrects her ass. Seriously? He couldn’t do that for Tommy last season his best friend who died. Laural could have help taken the revenge rout and gone after the League of Assassins. The writers might have made a critical mistake because now we know as fans that Oliver has magical resurrection powder so it takes away the option of death. If Dingle dies then we fans know that Oliver has magical resurrection powder to bring him back or any character of the show. My rating will be the last paragraph i touch on.

I really loved this episode of Arrow. Nyssa Al Ghul was amazing! She really did help make this episode special.  Ollie pretty much disowned his own mother and his mother has caught the attention of Brother Blood and Deathstroke.  Laural needs to die. The writers are wasting the actress talent by having Laural become a running gag of OC teenage drama. I hate the fact that they resurrected Sara because it means people can come back from the death by Oliver’s magical powder. I give this episode of Arrow 4.7 out of 5. Nyssa and the league made this episode for me.



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