Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred!

 Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred are brilliant casting choices !

Jesse after Zombieland

Jesse after Zombieland

Jeremy Iron at an Academy Awards

Jeremy Iron at an Academy Awards

Well, we officially know that Lex Luthor and Alfred will be in Man of Steel 2. The fan movie internet-sphere went crazy today.  Fans seem to love the Alfred casting, and I love it too.  Jeremy Irons is a great talented actor who’s brilliant in anything he has been in.  He’s the villain from Die Hard 3 and the voice of Scar from the Lion King.  He’s also an Academy Award winning actor for his role in Reversal of Fortune. His version of Alfred will might better than Michael Caine’s version.   It’s to talk about Jesse Eisenberg who is going to play Superman’s ironic nemesis.

Jesse Eisenberg is one of the most brilliant young actors in Hollywood. He was great as a genius that had no friends and untrustworthy of others in the Social Network. He was very funny in Zombieland and displayed an arrogance in Now You See me.  He also has a movie coming out in March called The Double.  He is basically a man who sees a doppelganger take his life away in the film.  Jesse will be able to pull off the arrogance, the lack of mistrust of people, and the devilish cunning of Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor is an allegory on Man’s World of being overconfident, mistrusting, and intelligence can destroy you if you have a ego the size as Saturn.  I like what Warner Bros.  has decided to do with Lex Luthor is make him younger and hopefully he’ll have hair in this movie. I wanted to see a young Superman take on a younger Lex Luthor like in Smallville.  Jesse did win a golden globe for his part in Social Network. He was such a creeper in the movie too. Zack Synder, the director,  is going for a younger Luthor who will publicly renounce Superman. I could see a few lines of the movie being “I’m 31 and run a multibillion dollar company who said humanity is not as superior as Superman. Why should we worship a false god? Human race is making strides everyday for our own evolution so don’t expect me to bow down to the Big Blue Boy Scout wearing the tights like ballerina.”  Jesse has already displayed arrogance as an actor to have some witty dialogue with Batman an Superman. He has this deceptiveness about him as an actor to make Lex Luthor amazing.

My opinion is that Man of Steel 2, or whatever it’s call, has become a better movie with the talent it just casted. Alfred might not have a big part but Jeremy Irons will surely kick ass in the film.  Lex Luthor will probably be in most of the movie along with Batman and Superman. I don’t know what Lex’s role is but i could see defense contractor for the Government or any number of ways the filmmakers and actor could portray him.  I’m super-hyped about this casting that my energy levels have crashed.


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