Arrow Tremors Review (spoilers)

Roy and Oliver training.

Roy and Oliver training.

Last week at the end of Arrow, Green Arrow offered to train Roy Harper, his sister’s boyfriend, to prevent him from getting homicidal like Slade Wilson, Deathstroke.  Last week’s episode showed that Laural was fired from the District Attorney’s office for drug problems. The two story lines continue and there’s more character development with Laural. Roy in this episode is a just a rage monster. His character’s story line reminds of me Jason Todd, the second robin who died, in the comic Batman books.

The episode starts out with Ben Turner, Bronze Tiger, a mercenary caught by the Green Arrow in prison.  A Russian black market arms dealer breaks him out and pays him to get Merryln’s earthquake machine.  Roy is being trained by Green Arrow, and Roy’s rage is an obstacle in their training. However, Bronze Tiger turns up at Meryln’s house and steals the prototype earthquake machine. Arrow is unable to stop him because Roy is beating the shit out of someone. Laural is isolated and her father offers to take her to dinner. His dinner is a just ploy, because he takes her to a drug therapy meeting. Laural gets pissed and walks off.  She has an interview with her former partner’s law firm  and they refuse to interview her. The bar association could disbar her, and she goes a drinking binge. Oliver tries to stop Laural but she makes a mockery of him. He slips away taking her keys and calling someone.  Oliver’s mom is persuaded to consider to run for mayor by her separated husband, Walter Steele. Green Arrow and Roy have a brawl which ends badly for the Green Arrow. He finds out where the machine and Bronze Tiger are. He fights Tiger which he gets stabbed, and Roy saves him.  Roy is pummeling Bronze Tiger when Oliver unmasks himself to convince Roy to help him. Roy and Oliver destroyed the machine and shake hands after to be become Green Arrow’s apprentice.  Roy gets introduced to Felicity and Dingle as a Green Arrow’s protege. Laural comes home and collapses which Sarah Lance is standing over top of her. During the Island storyline, Oliver prevents Slade from blowing up Ivo’s ship.  Positives and Negatives of the episode are my final topic.

My main positive about the episode is having Moria Queen become relevant again.  Her mayoral campaign will expedite the Oliver, Deathstroke, and Sebastian Blood storyline. It will probably force Slade Wilson to reveal himself to Ollie quicker.  My second positive is the realism of the show. Laural’s drug addiction, her problems with keeping a her license, and finding a job are real life situation’s people face after grief. However her character is a negative for me, because i just want her off the show. I don’t like where they took the character, and I find myself rather annoyed with her.  I think there is a slight chance she might get killed her next week. The Oliver-Roy storyline is a both a positive and negative for me.  I really loved the situation that caused Oliver to reveal his identity to Roy. It was either Roy keeping beating the shit out of Bronze Tiger and allowing the machine to go off. Oliver made the hero choice by saying I’m the Arrow and help me stop this machine. I liked the situation but my negative it’s way too soon. Oliver could have revealed himself to Roy at the end of the season.  I think the writers decided to skip over a lengthy who I am process because Roy will be needed at the end of the season along Canary, Flash, and who else might join up with Arrow. My last thought about the show is Bronze Tiger and the Suicide Squad.  We already know Deathstroke is alive but will likely join at the end of the season. Deadshot is a possibly who joined already and Bronze Tiger now. I’m pretty excited about the Suicide Squad showing up in the future.

Overall, My opinion of this Arrow episode is a good episode.  I want Laural to get killed off and waited to see Oliver reveal his identity to Roy not this soon. I had the feeling they would do it anyways maybe to get  their version of the Justice League on the show. I loved Moria’s storyline because it really causes a ton of problems in the future for Oliver and his nights as Green Arrow. I give this episode 3.8 out 5.


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