At Middleton Review


At Middleton is a romantic comedy of two parents meeting at fictional Middleton college. The movie is hilarious and it’s not like the standard comedy. The movie is sarcastic and situational funny.  The story involves around two parents who go on a tour of Middleton with their kids but end spending the day together. Meanwhile both of their kids also spend time together and go on separate paths to discover if they want or not want to attend Middleton.  The two adults find that their lives are not happy but happy with each other. I’m not going to spoil the ending.

First time director, Adam Rodgers who is from Baltimore, does a really good job with the pacing of the movie. The movie is super entertaining and time flies by.  It’s an excellent date movie. Rodgers came created the story when he tour bailed on his dad when they were looking at colleges. He wondered what his father did during that day. The two main actors are Andy Gracia (Oceans 13, Godfather part III) and Vera Farmiga (Departed, The Conjuring, Up in the Air). They were excellent and gave Oscar worthy performances. Garcia did a great job with his stuck up character and turning him into a guy who met his long lost love. Farmiga on the other hand is the girl who you are attracted to because she gets you into trouble by acting first. You have follow her to keep her out of trouble. Farmiga’s daughter is played by her  real life sister, Taissa (American Horror Story). She wants to go Middleton because her favorite author is a professor there.  At Middleton is not only a great story but it’s a fun movie. It’s a great date night movie and it touches on a lot themes like over eagerness to grow up, love, and enjoying life’s simple moments. I will give At Middleton 4 out 5.


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