Arrow Overview and Blind Spot Review

I wrote sort of a short premise about the show Arrow from last season to this current episode.

The show Arrow is about the Green Arrow. His alter ego is rich boy Oliver Queen. Queen’s family has controlled their town Starling City for generations (this sounds for familiar right!).  The Green Arrow is designed from the Bruce Wayne/Batman. Oliver is more actively involved in social issues and he’s a lefty. Bruce Wayne keeps away from the spotlight buts funds numerous charities. Oliver Queen is a current day Robin Hood who doesn’t mind killing people.

Oliver is shipwrecked on an island from his father’s boat being sabotaged. He is found 5 years later. Before his dad committed suicide gave Oliver a list of names who people who hurt Starling City. Ollie makes a promise that he’ll avenge his father.   The Green Arrow starts taking these people out by killing them.  Arrow starts to make some noise with arrows sticking up out of their chests which gets noticed by the police and reporters. The reporters call him the Hood and the police call him the vigilante.  The police task force is led by Detective Lance to capture the vigilante. He actually starts to help Ollie because there is a bigger threat to Starling City called the Undertaking. The Undertaking is a plot by Malcolm Merlyn who is destroys the crime ridden half of the city.  Oliver stops him and puts an arrow through his heart. However,  the Undertaking was successful and kills Ollie’s best friend, Tommy Merlyn. Oliver exiles himself after season 1 to the island.

Oliver in season 2 has been found by two his other allies, Dingle (his bodyguard like his version of Alfred), and Felicity (his version of oracle, Barbra Gordon, from the Batman). They come looking for him on the Island. Oliver also takes a vow not to kill but he will do it when someone threatens someone he loves.  Oliver  discovers he’s not the only hero in town. A blonde woman is Sarah Lance who’s Ollie’s ex gf’s sister, Laural Lance, and Detective Lance’s Daughter. She was supposed to be dead. She brings company to town in the form of the League of Assassins who trained her. Sarah is Black Canary, and she leaves Starling after the League of Assassins incident to protect her family.  A super soldier serum that is given to one of Ollie’s shipwrecked friends on the island, Slade Wilson is the main story line for this season.  Slade Wilson turns psychopath apparently and tries to kill Ollie on the island. Ollie’s wins that fight apparently. Ollie thinks he has killed Slade but Slade is alive in well and trying to take revenge on Ollie.  He wants revenge on Ollie because in season 1 and 2 there was a woman Shado who they both loved and gets killed on the island. Ollie chooses Sarah Lance over Shado and a man named Professor Ivo kills her to get super soldier serum. Slade Wilson is allowing a man named Sebastian Blood to use his blood to create super soldiers.

Now onto my review; this week’s episode has Laurel Lance investigating Sebastian Blood.  She visited his mother the previous episode and learns Sebastian killed his dad.  Sebastian later pays his mother a visit and kills her.  Laurel finds out and runs to the Arrow for help. His nickname by the press in the show.  Arrow helps Laurel investigate Sebastain because he still loves her. Laurel gets framed by Blood for illegal procession of a drug that is not prescribed by a doctor. Blood is threaten by Slade Wilson to kill Laural, and he captures her.  Laural gets rescued by Arrow and she thinks he kills Sebastian Blood by shooting a mask man six times. Ollie takes off Blood’s mask and they find a cop who has been working for Blood.  He dies and the police think he’s the villain and not Laural’s theory of Sebastian Blood.  Laural’s fires her because of the drug problem. Ollie returns to his hideout, and thinks he has destroyed the super soldier serum permanently. He actually is being to doubt Laural’s as sane logical person now. He has another problem his sister’s boyfriend, Roy Harper, was injected with the serum and has displayed super human powers.

I really liked this episode because it was compelling. The show writers have shown they have no problems killing main characters.  I thought for awhile that Laural might die.  However,  they didn’t kill her. They discredited her character to other characters in the show. However, as the audience we know she is telling the truth. I also thought they killed Sebastian Blood. For a few seconds; i thought Laural killed Blood and it will expedite the Slade/Ollie revenge story line.  I loved what they have done with Roy Harper. Roy has been concerned with trying to save people in this season like the Arrow who saved him in the first season. Roy and his friend, Sin, team up to catch a killer. The killer almost kills Sin but Roy tears off the car door. He pummels the dude to the brink of death and Sin stops him. Roy called the cops and looks like a hero not the villain. The creators were very clever to do this.  The negatives were probably the Island Flashbacks. I thought that sequences slowed down the episode but overall is a good episode. It’s also important because it gives Roy a purpose instead of being the silly sidekick who gets into trouble. This season Laural has been a bitch and sucked. Her character’s direction reminds me of Lois Lane. I would give this episode a 4 out 5.

The reason why people should watch Arrow  (Wed nights at 8). It’s a gritty realistic version a superhero who doesn’t have superpowers.  It’s a lot like Nolan’s Batman movies. They keep adding characters. They have already added several major fan favorite characters from DC Comics in this season like Slade Wilson as Deathstroke (super assassin), the Flash (Barry Allen), and Black Canary (Sarah Lance, possibly Ollie’s future wife). They also make mention to Star Labs, which could give Lex Luthor some face time. The creators have name dropped Ra Al Ghul who you might remember from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises played Liam Neeson. There are rumors that show will create it’s own Justice League and add an appearance by Batman or Nightwing (Dick Grayson after Robin).  I have friends who watch this show, and they are not big superhero fans. Plus watching Arrow will help time fly by every week until Avengers 2 in 2015 and Batman vs. Superman comes in 2016. It also helps the summer movie season come faster i noticed. Everybody should watch an episode or two of Arrow.  I really think given a chance that Arrow could be one of the top watched shows on Wednesday nights and it’s awesome to see the trick arrow like Batman’s different batarangs.



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