Jack Ryan: Shadown Recruit review

ImageJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Copyright paramount.

Chris Pine is the right actor to start and carry a franchise.  His new movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is average action spy thriller.   Pine stands out from the rest of cast and the audience can see why Paramount chose him to be the new Jack Ryan. Chris Pine in ten years could be an actor who can become to an academy award winner instead of being a major movie action star now.  For me, his take on Jack Ryan might be one of the reasons why the movie will get a sequel.  I see similarities between this film and the first Mission Impossible movie.  Tom Cruise carried the first Mission Impossible movie and critics gave it average reviews.  Chris Pine carries this film with his charm and confidence.  Jack Ryan: Shadow Review has gotten average reviews so far.

The plot of the film does give a back story to Jack Ryan and his wife.  The previous Jack Ryan movies make mention to his accident that turned him from solider into desk jockey. In this film, you will get to see that accident and his rehab.  I also loved how the plot showed that Ryan is unwilling to venture in the field because of his past.  My favorite sequence in the film is when Jack Ryan makes his first kill.  Movie audiences will emotionally connect with Jack Ryan for the next 10 to 15 minutes throughout the film.  Chris Pine was excellent in portraying a man who was unhinged that took a other human being.  For me, I enjoyed Russia’s attempt to wreck the United States economy. The plot gave this spy movie more of a contemporary feel to the picture.

Overall, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit doesn’t add anything new to the spy genre.  The film could make 100 to 125 million domestically depending on how much it makes this weekend. It will hopefully have huge success international markets. This will give the studio a reason to make a sequel and then the film producers could have a more complicated plot line. I want to see where Chris Pine takes his incarnation of Jack Ryan.    However, Kenneth Branagh was a good choice for director but a lackluster villain. He does speak Russian throughout the film and so does the rest of the cast when they are speaking to other Russians.   Kevin Costner is a good choice for mentor but he isn’t like his counterparts, James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman from the previous films.  I would like to see his role expand in the sequel.  Keira Knightley isn’t a bad actress but her part should be limited in a sequel. She wasn’t that great in this movie. I didn’t feel any chemistry between her and Pine.  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a decent movie which will give you two hours of entertainment.


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